When you seek to affiliate yourself with something, you are really trying to find a way to heal an emotional wound. If you feel this need is coming from deep inside your being, it is your Spirit that is telling you that it's time to heal this particular wound. There are two different types of groups that you can choose to affiliate yourself with - those whose aim is to help you heal - and those that create more conflict by assigning blame and publicly proclaim what they perceive as some kind of wrongdoing. Healing groups usually follow specific steps or guidelines designed to help you discover why a particular behavior has taken root in your life. Examples are self help groups such as 12 S


If your joint has deteriorated to the point of requiring surgery, consider the following: 1. Acute Pain from the degraded joint and surgery can disrupt digestion, which can prevent certain nutrients from getting into your system. 2. Mineral depletion, caused from the body trying to maintain and even repair the joint on its own, is not usually replenished without the added use of a variety of mineral supplements. Analysis of mineral deficiencies will indicate the appropriate amount of nutrients needed to replenish bone stores and fortify the new joint. 3. Chronic pain, worry and stress cause strain on the adrenal glands by keeping your body in a fight or flight response. Nutrients that su


Don't let advertisers take advantage of your desires or worse yet......tell you what they are! The birth of a new year usually brings forth hope for change. Most people make a list of the things they want to improve which is more often than not, their appearance. They want to lose weight or get into better shape and the retail and service industry is counting on it. Flyers, TV commercials, full page newspaper advertisements , emails from big retail chains and grocery stores will try to cash in on that very idea. Join ________ weight loss centers now - half price! The ________ machine will burn off fat in only 15 min per day Just do _________ and you can have the body you've always wanted

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