What is YOUR New Year going to be?

The stroke of midnight brings forth the new year! That's exciting! Or is it? Will it bring you new opportunities, new experiences......or the same old same old? Are you looking forward to the new year or fearing what it will bring? Is your mind filled with hope and wonder or worry and dread? Every day in my social media feed, I see a variety of memes, articles, and even videos stating one piece of advice or another that is meant to help you navigate through your life and maybe even achieve optimum wellness. Have these tidbits of information inspired you to change your life, or do you read them and say to yourself - what a load of hooey! Let's look at some examples: We were born to be r

What makes a Scrooge?

Don’t be such a Scrooge! OH Hum Bug! You’re a Grinch! Have you ever called someone a scrooge or a Grinch? Made jokes about someone’s misery at Christmas? What if we asked ourselves instead – why is that person so miserable? What happened to him/her that caused them to have distaste for Christmas? Christmastime is often trying for people who have experienced a recent death a family member, or they might be far away from home during the Christmas season and won’t be able to spend it with their families. Perhaps there are some that are homeless. Some are runaways that left a very abusive home, but still miss their mom. Some people who live with an abusive addict might experience even mo

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