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Everyone has baggage.

Knowing how to let it go is the difference

between living free & feeling powerless

Statistics tell us that at least

1 in 3 people have experienced

Childhood Trauma in their lives.

The ACE study revealed the damaging

effects of toxic stress.


Toxic stress effects a person's

emotional & physiological  health,

the ability to earn a living, and the 

likeliness of developing addictions.

Adults who were not taught healthy

COPING & LIFE SKILLS as children

must take it upon themselves to learn:

- how to handle anxiety & stress

- how to deal with racing thoughts

- how to manage emotions

- how to put together a cost-effective &

healthy meal  

 We can only change the things

 that we are aware of

 Numerous psychological studies have linked childhood

 emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and neglect

 to chronic adult health conditions such as 

 heart disease, cancer, diabetes, suicide and addictions.

 The most referenced study is the ACES study. 

 The study of both epigenetics and psychoneurobiology

 has documented the negative impact of

 Childhood Toxic Stress

 on developing brain structure and found that it also

 alters DNA function which is then

 passed on to future generations.

 Toxic stress has health consequences including: 

 Autoimmune disorders



 Breast Cancer

 Lung Cancer

 and much more

Learn how to identify

the intellectual & emotional blocks

that are keeping you feeling









The study of both trauma and psychoneurophysiology

has taught us a great deal about how our thoughts and

emotions negatively impact our physiology.


Neuro-cardio feedback, using HeartMath technology,

allows you to see, in real time, how well your 

heart and your brain are interacting. When your brain

and your heart are coherent, your body is able to maintain




Nutritional Guidance

Many things can affect the nutritional requirements

for your body.  Poor diet, chronic illness,

poor digestion, chronic pain, stress,

hormonal fluctuations and injuries - just to name a few.  


When a body has been depleted of certain nutrients,

food alone cannot provide the levels needed to

restore the body's requirements.


Using a combination of biofeedback, emotional health

skills education, and natural nutrition, you can learn how

to bring your whole body back to health.

Easy & Affordable

Online Consultations


If you are in the Calgary area


are available!



Mind Files book cover

Mind Files is an easy to understand program I

designed to provide you with the tools you need to

discover the intellectual and

emotional blocks that are

keeping you emotionally stressed.

Emotional Well-being

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